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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Landmarks of Selangor: Stadium Shah Alam & Stadium Melawati

Mari kenali Stadium Shah Alam & Melawati:

The Stadium Shah Alam and Stadium Melawati (or Malawati) are two stadia of the Selangor State Sports Council, built between 1994-1997 in Shah Alam. 'Designed (by Hijjas Kasturi Associates) for large scale sporting and entertainment events, these structures combine traditional features with some spectacular modern innovations'.

Stadium Shah Alam
This is a partially covered stadium that seats 80,000. The roof structure is rather dramatic and it seems that 'from the air, the stadium looks like a partially open giant eye, without the eyeball'.

Every time I pass by this rather dramatic structure, I think of the 'giant eye' and the spectators moving along the vomitoria* of it to get to their seats and watch a great game/concert, hopefully. I have never been into this stadium for any sports/concert, so I do not have any 'inside' photos of it. But I hope to do so to get a feel of its grandeur. Anyone got free tickets for the next great game/concert there?

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